Items of № 9, 2011

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Telecommunication operator’s competitiveness procurement through innovations

The paper considers problems of provision competitive mobile phone companies by means of the new business –models , innovation technologies and serves.
Key words: information and communication technologies, mobile phone operator, innovation activity, competitive, business–models.



Socio-economic aspects of communications content

In the present structure of the life of each subject of a virtual information space is all the greater weight. Information resource generates information and global businesses, it manifests as a form of informational rent income.
Becoming an information component life can be compared with the formation of places to live together and shared ideas and life of people. The processes taking place in information space, similar to laws of formation of settlements, cities, metropolises. The realization and the projection of these processes in the virtual space will determine the basic trends, based on which you can develop a service offering of the telecommunications sector. Key words: information, basic trends, life.



Application of filter banks for a speech protection system’s construction

There are considered some theoretical aspects of the wavelet-transformation. The possibility of given device application in a problem of the speech information protection is shown. The new algorithm of the speech protection using the wavelet-transformation at the stage of filter bank formation coordinated with a key is offered.
Key words: speech, wavelet filter banks, protection of the information.



Modified method of calculating a resulting discrete channel’s parameter

In this paper we introduce modified method of calculation of the parameters of the resulting discrete channel made using hopping. The aim of this method is to precise the earlier introduced method, in cases when last one gives lapses which can reach 20-30 % when slot length is small. The method represents graph aggregation procedure that describe hopping process. Expressions for definition of transition probability of the graph aggregated onto two states are received for any length of slots. Key words: uneven hopping, Markov’s chain, the graph of hopping, aggregation states.



Simplifying the Reed-Solomon code while realizing multipliers using the logical paths

In this paper we show possible economy in the hardware implementation of a Reed-Solomon encoder, expressed in a number of logic elements that aren’t required in the simplified scheme. The basis of simplification is the choice of such parameter j that the generator polynomial code consists of the integer coefficients, requiring the minimum possible number of logic elements to implement the multipliers in the Galois field using logic circuits method.
Key words: Reed-Solomon codes, the code generator polynomial, logical circuit, Galois field.



High-frequency disturbances sources in communication circuits

High-frequency disturbances sources for communication circuit are discussed. These sources were not examined or they had been paid not enough attention before. There are sources as power control electronics installations, intracloud lightning discharges, corona discharges, electrostatic discharges in premises. Significant works are made now in its study, communication arrangements became very tiny and more sensitive to disturbances. Therefore these subjects consideration is important.
Key words: high-frequency harmonics, intracloud discharges, corona, electrostatic discharges.



Speaking of communications sector management process basics at the stages of information society creation and evolution in Russia



Content’s ecological issues’ technical aspects

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