Items of № 4, 2010

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Multimode optical fibers in the modern cable infrastructure of the Russian infocommunication networks

Bourdin A.V.

The issue of installed silica multimode fibers in-premises backbones in cable infrastructure of the infocommunication networks of both foreign and native enterprises is considered. The main aspects concerning on specificity of Russian multimode fiber market are presented. Advanced applications of mentioned fiber on the native infocommunication networks are described.

Key words: multimode optical fibers, structured cable systems, in-building cable infrastructure.

FON network’s service structure

Zhumabaev M., Asheralieva A.E.

In this article we introduce main service characteristics of modern wireless network FON used to develop the mathematical model describing service functioning of FON on packet and commutation levels. We also provide example of model usage for quality of service analysis.

Key words: modelling, internet traffic, queuing theory, quality of Service.

Analysis of traffic parameters' influence on the capacity of a network’s access to information sources

Vaskin Yu.A.

In the process of information and telecommunications technologies development there is a possibility to create an architecture of multiservice networks on the basis of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). IMS performs the opportunity to provide unified services for fixed PSTN and IP networks service users as well as for mobile network service users. The article contains the results of access network to content capacity estimation considering different methods of content resources allocation.

Key words: information communications technologies, application server, aplications consolidation, applications decomposition, multiservice traffic, joint stream service, joint stream service with reservation, seperate stream service.

ISO/IEC 27 001:2005 based designing, developing and implementation of complex information security management systems

Livshitz I.I.

The short description of providing IT-security problem' is published in this article. Decision for solving this problem is offer: implementation the complex IT-security systems, based on requirements of International Standard ISO/IEC 27 001:2005.

Commercial technologies of Ultra Wideband communications

Golovachev M.V., KochetovA.V., MironovO. S., SarychevV.A.

The survey of ultra wideband commercial communication technologies is cited. The methods of realization of ultra wideband communication are considered. Special attention is given to the pulse radio communication. The main methods of pulse modulation are considered. The short analysis of modern standart IEEE 802.15.4a on the physical layer is given. The main applications of ultra wideband devices are listed.

Key words: UWB, OB-OFDM, Wireless USB, WPAN, Pulse Radio, Pulse Modulation, IEEE 802.15.4a.

Information volume accounting for infocommunications services' tariffication in NGN

Shalaginov V. A,

Volume (quantity) of information in most cases used for infocommunication services tariffication. Operators face with counting traffic problem. Equipment from different vendors counts volume of information differently. It depends on configuration, software and hardware realization of equipment. Article shown necessity of united counting method for tariffication of infocommunication services to protect consumers interest.

Key words: Next Generation Networks (NGN), infocommunication service, volume (quantity) of information, tariffing.

OSS systems adoption technology for supporting a telecommunication company’s business

Voznesenskaya M.E.

Ultra wide band systems' transmitters' power specification to ensure electromagnetic compatibility with cellular telecommunication networks

GarmonovA.V., Gremyachensky S.S.

Telecommunication branch’s standardization system as efficient control mechanism

Alekseev E. B, Danilov Yu.V., Zhelnov V.A., Nasonov A.Yu.

Key words: standardization system, technical regulation, telecommunication networks, telecommunication means, normative documentation.

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