Items of № 3, 2012

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Information security measures to protect a telecommunication network for voice data transmission over SIP systems using PSTN

This paper is designated to particular features of information security at subscribers’ voice data transmission over SIP networks using PSTN. We focus on threats of fraud, privacy threats and DoS-attacks in Common Channel Signaling System №7.
Key words: VoIP, SIP, SIP-T, DoS, information security, signaling, Common Channel Signaling №7, threat, privacy.



Analyzing GSM networks information security risks while performing privacy protection functions

The present work is devoted the qualitative analysis of risk of information security network GSM depending on function carried out by a network. As attack it is surveyed DoS in Common Channel Signaling №7 at performance GSM of function protection a privacy.
Key words: DoS, risk, registration, information security, signaling, Common Channel Signaling №7, threat, privacy.



Information security risks in VANET self-organizing automobile networks

This work is dedicated to information security of self-organizing wireless vehicular networks VANET. We analyze the features of threats in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks.
Key words: threat, features of threats, information security, self-organizing network, adversary.



Formalization and evaluation of security services grant processes in multiservice network. General approach

Mathematical formulation of security services enabling processes and evaluation method of theirs influence on informational environment of multiservice IP-QoS telecommunication network are proposed. The method is based on optimization of network efficiency complex functional criterion when meet given requirements to the «end-to-end» quality of multimedia traffic transfer.
Key words: multiservice network, infotelecommunication transport system, security services.



Evolution of information protection paradigm

Basing on the analysis of historical experience of cryptography and steganography application, new kleptography and quantum menaces new paradigm parameters of information protection and data security are proposed. Key words: cryptography, steganography application, security.



Next generation network and electromagnetic compatibility

Next generation networks (NGN) have a number of features and significant distinction from that are being existed this time. There are differences between main and local lines faded. Frequency spectrum and transfer rate in main and local lines are the same. In next communication lines packet switching will apply instead of channel commutation. It means that different parts of the same document can be passed on different lines in different moments of time, whereas the terminal points are the same. It means for lightning protection, that probability of an accident from lightning strokes during the different moments of transmission time does not coincide, and transmissions immunity can change during passing. Traffic-carrying capacity can change by several digits during some seconds. It becomes sharper relationship with protection standards that can depend on traffic load. Frequency spectrum of radio access extends too in NGN. Last years there were significant successes made in studying of different influencing sources such as intracloud discharges, discharges to ionosphere, disturbances from power electronics control installation etc. In this paper there are some features of NGN considered and corrections for lightning protection estimation.
Key words: next generation network, packet switching, electromagnetic compatibility, lightning strokes.



Software package calculating the network load based on monitoring data

In this paper considered the software package calculating the power load on the basis of data for monitoring the operation of a distributed system of organizational management.
Key words: information systems, organizational management, monitoring systems, channels of communication, calculation of the net loads.



Forecast of communication quality change based on timing errors measurement

Hypothesis tests to evaluate trend changes of noise situation in a radio channel were developed. They are based on statistics that transform samples of timing errors of a signal. Flow diagram of the forecast device is proposed.
Key words: timing errors, forecast, phase-shift keyed signal, L-moments.


Optimal traffic distribution in survivable transport networks

Optimal traffic distribution in survivable transport networks is an NP-complete optimization problem. Currently heuristic approaches are used to solve it. In this paper the criterion of optimal traffic distribution is defined on the basis of mathematical model of optical transport network specification. Thereafter the model of problem solving on the basis of genetic algorithm adaptation is described and the efficiency of it is estimated. Key words: traffic, mathematical model, problem.



Principles computer-aided design of high reliability of the power plants

We solve the problem of structural and parametric optimization of power plants using the graphical display of faults in the calculation of reliability indices. On a practical example of computer-aided design procedure involves the installation of power supply for communications companies. It is shown that the mapping of combinations in the form of a fault tree can not only analyze the fault tolerance of any installation of power, but also to develop effective measures to eliminate them.
Key words: computer-aided design, installation of power, reliability, fault tree.




Digital radio broadcasting under 30 MHz. Illusions and reality. Part 3


Resource sharing: consolidation of networks development



Monitoring facilities in up-to-date telecommunication networks: assurance of adequate access to traffic



Overloading prediction in mobile radio systems


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