Items of № 12, 2013

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The training of ICT specialists in Ukraine

The information as for the system of higher education in Ukraine within the Bologna process context is given. The particular role of infocommunications in the world economical system is stressed. The experience of A.S.Popov Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications as for the educational process organization under the new conditions is given.
Key words: Bologna process, education system, infocommunications, international processes.


Low delays networks

The QoS classes and parameters request evolution is analyzed. The NGN planning in according with the most hardly request to IPTD as 100 ms (voice traffic). There are some new services today that request more low delays (real-time games and e-health system services). The low delays networks as a new network type is proposed in the paper for these services. The simulation results proved that the access networks for low delays networks construction should be created on the gigabit technologies. The e-health system implementation requests the new approach for QoS level estimation too. The fuzzy logic methods for QoS estimation are proposed in the paper. It can provide all the participants of e-health system well-understood QoS estimations during system operation.
Key words: low delays network, real-time games, e-health services, fuzzy logic.


Antenna-feeder devices of HF, VHF and UHF special radio: problems and tendencies

In this article long experience of Samara scientists and specialists in antenna devices design are used to analyze main achievements, problems and outlooks of antenna development for HF, VHF and UHF special radio.
Main aspects of special radio antenna devices are analyzed. Achievements in the field of antenna devices design technology are discussed shortly, including system of methods of mathematical modeling of electrodynamics systems and analytic antenna devices design technology. Particular antenna devices special radio solutions are discussed and upgrade perspectives are shown.
Key words: special radio, antenna devices and systems, mathematical antenna modelling, analitic antenna design, active antennas, antenna arrays, smart-antennas.


Few-mode transmission regime over optical fibers: application for the high-speed fiber optic links

Presented results of potentiality estimation of a few-mode regime application for high bit rate long-haul fiber optic links.
Key words: few-mode regime, optical fibers, long-haul fiber optics links, nonlinear effects, large effective area fibers.


Calculation of the non-stationary probability density distribution of linear stochastic system

The analytical expressions for calculation of a non-stationary distribution in frequency of a system condition describing its behavior in conditions of increase of errors of an estimation, shaping, stipulated by the process, and improvement of control are obtained. The expressions allow researching a degree of correlation of shaping of control and estimation and can be utilized for the coordination of these processes.
Key words: the density of probability, stochastic system, stochastic analysis.


Unitizing measurement operating procedures of RF signal characteristics in measurement complicated distributed systems

The article consider information of development of big geographically distributed measurement systems, that provide functions of radio bands occupation measurement, measurement of transmitter parameters and measurements of emissions, electromagnetic and noise situation.
Special attention of article is unification of control procedures of various radiomonitoring equipment, unification of measurement data processing and development of information space for big geographically distributed radiomonitoring systems.
Key words: radiomonitoring, unification, post processing of radiomonitoring measurements data, control of distributed radiomonitoring equipment.


The problems of the backup set creation for telecommunication network restoration after emergency situations

The impact of emergency situations ontelecommunication networks operation depends on many factors. In some cases, emergency situations lead to long-term failures. For this reasons, backup set of telecommunication equipment must be used for acceptable level of service. Some problems arise under application of the backup set of telecommunication equipment. A number of these problems is discussed in this article.
Key words: failure, recovery, backup set, the node switching power supply.


Model of heterogeneous interconnect traffic transmission process in hybrid communication network with combined access protocol

In this paper considers a hybrid communications network, consists of satellite and terrestrial communications subnetworks. Terrestrial subnetwork of hybrid network consists of a bus structure local area networks, each of which has a satellite interface station. Satellite interface station of different local networks connected to each other through a satellite transponder star-broadcast multiple access radio channel. For access to the satellite stations use a synchronous time access protocol. Medium access control sublayer of local networks of terrestrial subnetwork implements the combined access protocol that provides efficient transmission of heterogeneous traffic (speech, video and data). The model of the transmission heterogeneous interconnect traffic in the considered hybrid network are working out in discrete time and the characteristics of this process are determined.
Key words: a hybrid network, local area network, access Protocol, buffer, heterogeneous traffic package, the time window, the maintenance interval.


Application of Gordon-Mills-Welch sequences in intellectual transport networks

Application Gordona-Milsa-Velcha sequences for increase of safety of DSRC technology communication networks applied (as a part of intellectual transport system) is considered. It is shown that the offered algorithm allows to reduce significantly computing complexity of procedure of formation of sequence owing to lack of need of production of calculations in final expanded fields.
Key words: intelligent transport system, wireless networks of small radius of action, the technology DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication), the sequence Gordon-Мills-Welch, equivalent to the linear complexity, pseudo-random sequence.


Generation of HF waves of rotating polarization

Use of waves of rotating polarization in HF a range allows to solve a number of problems, such as increase in throughput of communication channels, the organizations of qualitative broadcasting in sparsely populated and remote areas, localizations of sources of electromagnetic radiation of small spectral density. Practical use of the similar approach is connected with necessity of realization of the device which would provide radiation of an electromagnetic wave with polarization close to circular in a wide range of frequencies and space angles. In article ways of the decision of this problem on the basis of use of flat spirals are shown.
Key words: HF waves of rotating polarization, the generation device.

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