Items of № 10, 2010

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The optical communication channel  throughput when messaging with separate photons


The facility of data transmission through optical communication channel coded with separate photons is offered in this work. The optical communication channel throughput has been estimated. The maximum data rate of 1.2 Mbit/s has been obtained.

Key words: one-quantum communication channel, bandwidth, data rate, photon counting mode, avalanche photodetector.


Electrodynamic modeling of electromagnetic fields in a circular waveguide


Mathematical models of a circular wave guide are developed. At the decision of a problem (1), (2) method of a collocation after numerical definition of wave numbers and factors of decomposition in a number, on an output it is received the analytical expression, being by approximation of the true decision that is doubtless advantage of a method. Reception of an analytical kind of the formula more conveniently for the further calculations as for reception of more and more detailed distribution of fields and capacities in a wave guide, are not present necessity to increase number of points on which the decision of a regional problem is made.

Market principles for providing desired power supply quality for telecommunication facilities


In the article are considered the market principles of civilized interaction on a negotiable basis between the energy systems and telecommunication enterprises. There analyzed the distribution ways of “zones of responsibility” of power systems and telecommunication enterprises in the issue concerning the electro energy quality and prospects of its certification.

The mud flow hazard warning system in the river Alaa-archa basin


The design principles and hardware of the warning system about mud flow hazard by moraine lakes breach of Aksay, Alaaarcha and Adygine glaciers, located in Kyrgyz mountain range, are described in the article. It is suggested the concept of the system realization in the absence of cellular communications in zone of mud flow formation. Commissioning of the system is scheduled for the second half of May 2011.

Short-wave communication lines and ionosphere modification


At carrying out of experiments on the modification of an ionosphere in some cases the influence is made at height of layer Е, where electrojet proceed. The influence on a electrojet results in its change of current structures and finally to variations of the Earth magnetic field. On the basis of the consideration of publications devoted to this question, the analysis of geomagnetic conditions and ionosphere data on the example of the sudden blackout with group of the ships taking place to the south and to the north of Alaska latitude, concludes a possible participation in this event of the experiments on the ionosphere modification.

Key words: modification of an ionosphere, electrojet, variations of the Earth magnetic field.

Linear deviation of reflected laser pulses at a geostationary satellite’s location


The calculation of distance δR between the laser station and the stain centre, formed on the Earth by the light pulse after its reflection from a satellite retroreflector is performed in the present work. It is supposed that the satellite is on the geostationary orbit, and a laserstation is on a surface of the rotating Earth. Essential difference from earlier done calculations is that the law of light beams reflection from a moving retroreflector was deduced and  used.It is standard that the retroreflector owing to its design reflects the lightimpulses in  directions opposite to directions, on which they come to a retroreflector. However this statement is true only for  reflection process supervision in the reference frame, for which retroreflector is in rest. In the problem considered by us  the retroreflector moves together with an artificial satellite concerning to the observer, which is located at the laser station. As a result, a corner between a beam, on which the light impulse comes to the moving  retroreflector, and a beam, on which the reflected impulse comes back to the Earth, generally is not  equal to zero.The numerical analysis has shown that the size of a deviation of the reflected impulse stains centre  from the laser station δR for a geostationary artificial satellite location  changes from 622 m to 1400 m, depending on values of angles θ0  and difference φS – φ0.

Key words: geostationary satellite, laser ranging, retroreflector.

Method of estimating telecommunications facilities and systems’ level of development


The method allowing for determining a development level of specific samples of communication facilities and systems being manufactured or developed by the company is proposed in the paper. Here, the development level means the summary, weighted deviation of essential characteristics of a facility or system from ideal ones or those obtained in the best samples. The evaluations being obtained allow not only to compare the samples between each other but also to determine the ways for subsequent development of communication facilities and systems.

Key words: development level, hierarchy analysis method, pair-comparison matrix, essential properties, Saaty scale.

 A reference model for designing probabilistic and time characteristics of signalling messages in hybrid networks


The paper describes the structure of the connection part between the PSTN and SIP-network. A mathematical model is developed and basic quality-of-service parameters of the signaling network in the NGN are chosen for study. All the possible delay in the path of signal packets is analyzed. A numerical analysis of the mathematical model is performed. Conclusions on the relevance of the developed method of calculating necessary quality-of-service parameters for telecom operators are made.

Key words: Next generation network, signaling network, connection delay.

Bayesian technologies in operational risk management


Tendencies in the market of telecommunications in a context of risk-management are analyzed. Features of operational risks are revealed. The approach to modelling of operational risk events by using Bayesian technologies is offered. Analytical opportunities of the offered technique are shown.

Key words: operational risk, Bayesian networks, Influence diagrams.






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