Items of № 6, 2013

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The construction of remote optical cables’ monitoring system on transport communication networks

The most important function of SMOK is that it is constantly and automatically collects statistical analysis of the results of testing of optical fiber network. Statistical analysis using correlation, multivariate methods, as well as modern methods of neural network provides the ability to detect and predict problems with fibers, long before they lead to serious problems in the network.
On the basis of network monitoring can be carried out planned and preventative maintenance on the network OK, before any serious injuries and accidents in the cable system. SMOK greatly improves network security — any unauthorized connection to the fiber will inevitably lead to additional losses in the optical path, and thus will be detected and recorded by the system in real time.
Key words: transport networks, technical maintenance, fiber optic (fiber optic line), optical cable (OC), the monitoring of optical cables (SMOK).


Increasing the CDMA communication systems capacity

The method of increasing channels numbers for information transmission in CDMA communication system is considered. It is shown that if the pulses of code sequence are linear frequency modulated, the number of information channels can be increased by changing the settings of frequency modulation on each channel according to individual law. Key words: CDMA communication system, linear frequency modulated, individual law.


The development of onboard digital computer system’s electromagnetic impact detection scenarios

The organization of the hierarchical structure of intelligent system of analysis and evaluation of onboard digital computer system’s resist to destructive electromagnetic effects is considered. The adaptive nature of the levels of the system is determined by using the intelligent tools of fuzzy logic and neural networks for solving the tasks of destructive effects’ classification and clustering on the onboard digital computer system in accordance with the signs of these effects generated by the electromagnetic effect’s sensors. There are considered following scenarios of destructive electromagnetic effects’ detection, which based on the analysis of distortion of information flow parameters, and on the basis information detection sensors. Key words: electromagnetic effect’s sensors, digital computer system, onboard.



Designing special onboard data processing devices on FPGA

The results of the analysis of the specific application in specialized FPGA chip-board data processing nodes. The main aspects of the design of data processing nodes on board devices on FPGA and synthesized processor cores and interface units. Key words: FPGA, processor.



Function of fading signals’ time correlation in tropospheric communication systems

They Are Brought experimental dependencies function to time correlation for several distance with miscellaneous antenna different extent. On the grounds of these given is offered empirical function well approximating experimental functions.
The Offered methods calculation factor to time correlation of the processes in troposphere line relationship in depending on sizes of the antennas and distance.
The Method of mathematical modeling are received dependencies to noise-immunity of the coded issue to information from degree factor to time correlation й powers in symbol.
Key words: noise-immunity, fading, correlation, troposphere communications system, code.



Stability of a distributed power supply system’s EPU for complex radio engineering devices and computers

The Distributed Power System (DPS) allows to consider rigid requirements to power supply of loadings with big consumed currents much better, providing high technical characteristics of such power units (for example, on dimensions, efficiency, etc).
Source of primary power supply of RES is the industrial alternating current main. The intermediate storage battery in such RES can be absent that gives essential economy in means and dimensions. But at the same time generates a number of the serious problems connected with steady work of system the leader — conducted IIE RES on the terminology offered in [2], or system the linear converter – loading converters – on terminology – [1].
In this article conditions of steady work of EPU such without the storage RES which are gaining ground are used.
Key words: The distributed power system; radio engineering devices; pulse source of power supply; entrance filters; stability, systems with feedback.



Errors analysis of the antenna-matching device using measuring-calculating tuning method

Essential factors that lead to the appearance of match errors are observed in this article and possible ways of increasing matching accuracy are proposed.
Key words: antenna tuning unit, radio transmitter, performance of work, match errors, standing wave ratio.



Information and telecommunication complex of fiber-optical cables monitoring systems



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