Items of № 6, 2009

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Model maintenance of operation management systems: a model of operation management of manufacturing and quality of output products


The model of operative management of manufacture and quality of production is the main model of a target modelling complex systems of operative management. It provides a complex estimation of activity of separate divisions and all enterprise on achievement of planned technical and economic parameters. The technique of designing this model is determinative for models of all target modelling complex.

Key words: model, quality of production, restriction of model, target function.

Аn adaptive approach to information blocks distribution in communication channels


In the paper an adaptive approach to information blocks distribution on heterogeneous communication channels is proposed. The approach is called RateBalance and added as new mode to the GNU/Linux bonding driver. The comparison of RateBalance and the most effective mode of the bonding driver Round Robin is provided.

Key words: Сhannel bonding, Link Aggregation, LAN, bandwidth, heterogeneous network.

Mathematical method of calculating a signaling network section’s actual reliability characteristics


By the example of functioning system of signal system SS7 in article the mathematical method of calculation of real parameters of reliability is offered. The mathematical model of a network in which that circumstance is taken into account is made, that the transmitted alarm information can be deformed in connection with insufficient quality of a used liaison channel and great volume of the transmitted information. The purpose of drawing up of mathematical model was research of interference of parameters of reliability and a control system. The control system in article is understood as the monitoring system and diagnostics of systems of signal system QUEST7. At performance of functions of detection of refusals and search of the given up network elements serviceability of means of the control can be broken. This circumstance also is taken into account in an offered method of calculation. As a result of the carried out researches analytical dependences of parameters of reliability and parameters of a control system have been received. The offered mathematical method of calculation allows to estimate parameters of reliability on the basis of the real statistical data given to operation and repair.

Key words: Signaling System SS7, Signal Unit, Parameters of reliability, Repeated search, Probability of a mistake of the monitoring system, Matrix of probabilities, Quality of service of calls.

Substantiation of a call center’s improvement


The algorithm is presented for skill 1 agents number and number of lines required at basing of call center improvement during preliminary study. The statistics of the call center activity in the past and the forecast of subscribers number growth in the future are used as initial data. An example of the algorithm application for the concrete call center improvement basing is presented.

Key words: obtained calls, busy time, waiting time, postcall operation, failure of calls, call duration.

Classification of communication channels' structures


In article it is offered to classify compound channels on their structures. It is made with the purpose of definition of this or that kind of handicaps, which can be present at liaison, channels (communications channels). On a class of present handicaps, possible, to determine such parameters of quality of transfer of the information, as loudness, legibility and natural soundings more precisely.

Key words: сompound channels, symmetric cables, coaxial cables, singlemode fibers, radio channels, user’s paths, hindrances, an information transfer.

Mathematical model of dynamic stability mode for a optoelectronical emission direction switch


In the article the researches of principles of construction of devices of positioning of an optical signal and control units by them are conducted, the new design of construction and control unit of the optoelectronic switch permitting is offered to reduce totals of mechanical members and clusters with the composite geometrical form and configuration, to simplify a design of the optoelectronic switch and by distance control of the optoelectronic switch of a transmitted optical signal allows to expand functional capabilities of the optoelectronic switch. Besides the mathematical model of a mode of dynamic stability of the optoelectronics switch in optical transmission systems permitting to evaluate a stable conditions of activity of the optoelectronics switch if necessary заворота of optical communication cables on a line during mounting and the gasket with a smooth variation on a corner from 00 up to is designed 3600.

Permafrost soil experimental studies of an optical cable line equipped with Siemens metallic coating


The results of experimental investigations of the Siemens optical cables with metal covering, buried in permafrost soils are submitted in the article. The investigations were carried out on test site with permafrost soils. The special steel end joint boxes were used on the cable line, providing entry in it of the cable with high strength of the junction «cable — joint box» to the tensile loads. The investigation results permitted to conclude: metal cables with tensile strength 90 — 100 kN and the same strength value of junction «cable — joint box» provide mechanical integrity of cable line during it maintenance in permafrost soils.

Key words: optical cable, cone, joint, pit, end soil, permafrost.

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