Items of № 2, 2010

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Integrated management systems for communication cables production enterprises


The principles of creating integrated systems of produce management for community cable enterprises are formulated. Recommendations for content of stages of creating ISUP are cited. ISUP, created according with the recommendations, are promoting for higher efficacy of enterprise functioning, because of reducing of labor, material and financial losses for manufacturing community cables, so it’s increase the income of enterprise.

Key words: Integrated systems of enterprise management, community cable producing enterprises, busyness-processes, demands and principles of management systems creating, rise of enterprise efficacy, stages of ISUP working out.

Evolving from copper cables to dielectric ones


In this paper look at evolution of development cables lines of telecommunication in millennium. Show, that base direction of development on network is replacement on first network cables with copper wires on optical cables of telecommunication, taking into account hugе advantages on traffic capacity of dielectric telecommunication cables. But taking into account huge dimensions of Russia territory with preservation of inculcation rate of optical telecommunication cables for optimistic forecast full replacement existent copper cables on optical cables demands 60 years.

Key words: Copper telecommunication cable, optical telecommunication cable, first network, transport telecommunication infrastructure, access network.

Mathematical model of electromagnetic effects at the far end between cable circuits for broad subscriber access


In this paper we study the parameters of mutual influence at the far end between the symmetrical chains of the cables used in the broadband digital subscriber access, (broadband). It was developed a mathematical model of electromagnetic influences between symmetrical chains of the cables with skin-foam-skin polyethylene isolation, inside the elementary beams in the frequency range up to 100 MHz. Analytical expressions were obtained for the calculation of protectability at the far end in the presence of regular and irregular component of electromagnetic coupling. An experiment was conducted which agrees quite well with the calculated values.

Key words: Customer access networks, xDSL technologies, electromagnetic effects, mutually affecting chains, electromagnetic coupling factor at the far end, and protectability of symmetrical chains.

Optical cables for 40- and 100-Gbit/s SCS


Main approaches of building of 40 and 100 Gbit/s Ethernet backbone lines are presented. Reasonability of use for such a cases of parallel optic solutions, based on special indoor cable are shown.

Key words: optical cable, Ethernet 40 Gbit/s, Ethernet 100 Gbit/s. ribbon fiber, optical tube modul.

Submarine fiber-optic communication lines: designing, cabling, equipping


Submarine optical fiber telecommunication lines play an important role in modern life and be part of global information traffic. Today submarine optical telecommunication lines transfer more information than satellite systems. Also submarine optical lines have a long lifetime as compared with satellite systems — 30 years opposite 12 years. It necessary to note that submarine optical fiber telecommunication lines with optical EDFA-amplifiers non depend from coding procedure, provide high jamming protection and protection from unauthorized access.

Key words: submarine optical fiber telecommunication line, optical submarine amplifier, optical submarine cable, operation conditions, long haul lines.

Polarization optical time domain reflectometer with linear extension of pulse width


In this paper novel method for evaluation of beat length distribution along optical fiber and localization of sections with high level of polarization mode dispersion is described. Distinctive feature of presented method consists in usage of long pulses with linear extension of the pulse width. Description of method and results of polarization optical time domain reflectometer prototype testing are represented in paper.

Key words: Polarization mode dispersion, polarization optical time domain reflectometer POTDR, beat length, correlation length, localization, distribution.

Pulse method’s new resources for measuring parametres of cables for digital transmission systems


In article the analysis of possibilities of increase of accuracy and comprehension a pulse method of measurements by processing registered reflectograms heterogeneous cable circuits is carried out. Mathematical model heterogeneous cable circuits and procedures of specification of distance to discontinuity, increase of resolution capability of pulse measurements, measurements of reflection coefficients, receptions of a quantitative estimation in-house неоднородностей are offered.

Key words: Time domain reflectometer, TDR trace, probing signal, resolution.

Next-generation communication networks' video traffic special features


The article contemplates the problem of detection and estimation of the number of sources of radiation in band under prior uncertainty of values of noise power in different channels of reception path. Two ways of detection and estimation of number of sources of radiation in band are proposed: for a priori unknown and equal noise powers and for a priori unknown and various noise powers. A procedure is proposed for production of numerical characteristics of multidimensional conditional probability densities of noise eigenvalues of sample correlation matrix and for calculation of vectorial thresholds for proposed ways for detection and estimation of the number of sources of radiation.

Key words: NGN, IPTV, monitoring, videotraffic, wavelet transform, model network.

Results of modeling hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) systems with various correction codes


In this paper we proposed and described some HARQ systems, provided the results of systems imitation. HARQ systems classified by correcting code using. We described systems with block, convolution and combine correction codes. Systems with combine code are using block and convolution codes simultaneously.

Key words: HARQ type II, ARQ, convolution code, block code, modeling, discrete channel.

Introducing finite-impulse response recursive digital filters


The possibility of digital finite impulse-response (FIR) recursive filter implementation is shown for a number of practically important cases. The discrete transfer functions are obtained for a wide enough class of FIR filters. The recursive filtering algorithm is given for clock timing setting.

Key words: Digital signal processing, finite-impulse response filter, recursive filtering algorithm, matched filtering.

Comparison the logic channel choice algorithms which using priorities


We proposed algorithms of the logic channel construction with errors coefficient smaller, than in initial channels. By results of simulation, we obtained dependences of errors average coefficient from delay of acknowledgement and made comparison of the offered algorithms.

Key words: errors grouping, the Gilbert’s channel model, parallel transfer.

E-government and human capital as a vector autoregressive model


The text analyses estimated vector autoregression model for the exposure of the mutual effects impact of e-government system implementation, human capital evolvement and economic growth in Russia, on the last fifteen years data.

Key words: e-government, human capital, vector autoregression.

Communication cables Hi-Tech production utilities' development concept


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