Items of № 12, 2011

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From Telegraph Service to a Federal system of documentary message (Proposals to upgrade telegraph services)

Over the years of their existence, the telegraph services have become a pattern of public services providing documentary transmitted messages. However, the demand for telegraph services have fallen sharply recently due to the disadvantages which will be discussed below. This put the telegraph services on the brink of the possibility of their full provision. To maintain full operation of the telegraph services it is necessary to give them new contents turning them into a large-scale full-service system documentary posts. This requires a radical modernization of the system which should consider the previous useful experience accumulated over the years of the telegraph services’ existence implementing it in on a new modern technical basis.
Key words: documentary messages, telegraph services, electronic post office box.



Approximate analysis of a NGN”s characteristics under a significant traffic growt

In the article, the results of studies related to quality of service in the switching node of the next generation network under dramatic increase of traffic are given. Single-line teletraffic system is used as a model of switching node. The input to the system is the flow of calls that is formed by the IP-packets with a general distribution. For this model, a method is developed for converting quantile of the distribution function of delay duration of IP-packets. Proposed method is useful for solving some practical problems. It is shown that the word combination «big traffic» does not fully characterize the behavior of a switching node. An important factor is also the distribution of intervals between the moments of arrival of sequential IP-packets.
Key words: traffic, queueing system, IP-packet delay, average value, quantile.



Analysing an objective quality assessment model of video broadcasting in IP networks

This paper investigates the problem of assessing the quality of video transmitted over IP networks. The main problem is to develop a methodology that is both reasonably accurate and simple enough to support the large-scale deployments that increasing use of video over IP are likely to demand. For that purpose, I analyze a loss-distortion model that accounts for the impact of network losses on video quality, as a function of application-specific parameters such as video codec, loss recovery technique, coded bit rate, packetization, video characteristics, etc. The feasibility and accuracy of the model is assessed through modeling.
Key words: video quality, PSNR, video distortion, network losses.



Electromagnetic ecology and its place in theory and practice of emitting systems

In article approaches to settlement forecasting of fields of various means of telecommunications and power systems, techniques of their electrodynamic modelling both approached, and strict, depending on specificity of a design and character of a radiated field, approaches to the account of real conditions of placing are considered. Questions of mapping of electromagnetic conditions are considered.
Key words: The electromagnetic ecology, radiating means of telecommunications, a radiator over an impedance surface, two-beam model of distribution of radio-waves, the geometrical theory of diffraction, power systems, high-voltage lines, a method of mirror images, Puasson equation, a method of finite elements, geoecological mapping.



A LVDS power efficient transmitter

The goal of article is power efficiency analysis for LVDS transmitter. The decision with switched voltage sources have the best power efficiency. Calculation results verifyed by test chip measurements.
Key words: LVDS interface, high speed LVDS transmitter, power efficiency.



Reception and synchronization of data in digital serial interfaces using multilevel signals

New synchronization method for serial interfaces based on multy level signal transmition. Proposal new transmitter and receiver for multy level signal.
Key words: serial interface, multy level signal, transmitter and receiver multy level signal.



Rows redundancy in SRAM IP-blocks

The article presents an analysis of major existing methods use of redundancy in semiconductor memory. A method of redundancy in SRAM blocks is offered, where the addresses of faulty rows are stored in registers built on standard six-transistor memory cells. A schematic realization of the described method and an overview of possible areas of application are provided.
Key words: IP-block, SoC, SRAM, redundant.



Multipath channel’s optimal linear correction at diversed signal reception

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