Items of № 11, 2013

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Efficiency increase of RFS usage in TV and radio broadcasting of synchronous networks

The article focuses on organization of broadcasting by way of creation of single-frequency network, which in their coverage area have multiple low-power transmitting stations working simultaneously.
It is shown that such method of broadcasting significantly reduces the interference area as compared to the case when such area is served by only one high-power broadcasting station. This, in turn, allows to substantially increase the effectiveness of radio spectrum usage in broadcasting networks.
It is also shown that cumulative power of broadcasting stations of single-frequency network serving a certain area turns out to be less than in the traditional case, when only one high power station is used for broadcasting.
Key words: TV-broadcasting, AU-broadcasting, single-frequency networks, increase of the effectiveness of radio spectrum usage, interference area, service area, coverage area, electromagnetic compatibility.


Multirate signal processing in telecommunication systems

In this paper, multirate signal processing theory and technology evolution is considered in their interconnection with adaptive filtering in the period from the middle of the 1970s up to date. Also, are given the examples of application multirate signal processing in telecommunication systems. Survey material account is given from scientific contribution position which is brought into this field by research work of scientists and specialists of Ryazan State Radio Engineering University.
Key words: multirate processing, adaptive filtering, frequency selection, decimation, interpolation, downsampling, comb filtering, optimization.

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