Items of № 10, 2011

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Defining an orbit frequency resource occupied by a geostationary satellite communication system

The article deals with the problem of the assessment of the orbital-frequency resource occupied by a satellite communication or broadcasting system and suggests a methodology of calculation and parameters of a reference trial system necessary for a uniform resource assessment. The methodology is proposed to compare systems based on the occupied resource in order to take measures facilitating an economical utilization of the orbit and frequency band.
Key words: satellite communication systems, geostationary orbit orbital-frequency resource, International communication union, Reference system.



Forecasts for Russian broadband access networks’ development

In the beginning of centaury 21 second decade the public telecommunication networks are passing principal changes again. In the frameworks of existing NGN (Next Generation Network) concept everywhere access networks becomes to be broadband. Moreover, qualitatively expanding the vision about required for user access speed. For premises users 100 Mb/s access speeds are offering for some planning horizon (for example till 2015) with the future available bandwidth filling by services.
Based on the forecasting estimations and analytical monitoring of worldwide public telecommunication networks development in the paper main trends and factors affecting to the system network solutions of Russian telecommunication networks development have considered.
Key words: broadband access networks development, access speed, NGN transformation.



Broadband access speed

The penetration of broadband access is an important index of socio-economic development. Therefore, the term “broadband access” requires a clear definition. The paper gives definitions of this term accepted by key international and national organizations. Besides that, examples of national regulator’s activities for broadband access customer protection are considered.
Key words: broadband access, access rate, regulators’ activity, advertised and actual speeds.



Substantiation of radio-frequency centers’ effectiveness increase based on revenue modeling

The paper discloses the means of increasing performance of Radio Frequency Center branches on the basis of the monitoring approach to branch management. It is proposed that methods of correlation-regression analysis should be used for the sake of scientific justification of administrative decisions aimed at improving Radio Frequency Centers branches efficiency . Disclosed are the modeling stages, methodology behind the selection of the most important factors, statistical credibility of results and scientific justification of ways of increasing Radio Frequency Centers branches profitability.
Key words: monitoring, yield, the validity of factors, correlation-regression analysis, model.



Analysis of Russian info-communications innovative development

The article analyzes the technical condition and the main economic indicators of Russian info-communication industry. The author of the article analyzes the cost of innovation in dynamics, taking into account the breakdown of costs for specific directions. The article describes the main trends and economic results of info-communication market development by the end of 2020.
Key words: innovation, info-communications, market analysis.



Certain specific features of the radio-frequency spectrum’s conversion in Russia


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