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The mobile sensor network life-time according to different spurious flows

The sensor networks investigation is the very topical today. The cluster head selection algorithms, self-similarity traffic flow rates for different applications are the sensor network investigation area examples. The security problem for sensor networks is one more investigation hot topic today. The sensor network features (the big number of the sensor nodes, the request of small energy consumption) generated the new attack types — energy attacks. The energy attacks should decrease the sensor network life-time. The example of the energy attack is the sensor nodes sleep deprivation. The new energy attack type based on the spurious flow creation are proposed and analyzed in the paper. The spurious flows intrusion to mobile sensor network with different flow types and moving speed are considered. The life-time and residual energy characteristics are shown.
Key words: sensor network, life-time, spurious flow, energy attack, residual energy.


New prospects of satellite communication in Ka-band

The paper examines satellite communication systems in high-frequency Ka-band having huge capacity unachievable in other usual frequency bands. The article gives an overview of the problems when Ka-band is used, ways to overcome these problems, advantages and disadvantages of satellite systems in Ka-band. The article uses materials of the ITU seminar (Almaty. 2012), but also gives the results of a new study of some special features of such systems, wich have not been considered before.
Key words: satellite communication, Internet, Ka -band.


Models of wireless sensor networks for various applications

According to the latest forecast the total amount of wireless telecommunication units will be equal to a few trillions in the near future. It could be supposed that the most of them will work in Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USN). Therefore the traffic models for the USN should be studied well. The USN traffic models study results for medical and tracking applications are considered in this paper. The results show that the traffic flows for medical and tracking USN applications are self-similar with the middle level of self-similarity in both cases. The R/S analysis, the Higuchi method and the local Whittle estimator were used for the Hurst parameter estimation. The Hurst parameter dependence on the length of interval between packets for the medical USN is shown.
Key words: Ubiquitous Sensor Networks, traffic self-similarity, Hurst parameter, medical application, tracking application.


Analysis of SIP-I protocol messages processing delays in IBC equipment

In this paper we presented detailed analysis of single-hop delay which can appear in process of transmitting messages through IBC node. The analysis was made for SIP-I messages of 11 types for successful call scenario. Also, we research a relation between time delay, size of message and its type.
Key words: SIP-I protocol, IBC, signaling message, delay measurement.


Substantiation of infocommunications monitoring components

In article the scientific bases of the monitoring organization, its components and subject area of monitoring activity in the field of infocommunications are presented. Formation of the monitoring system of a concrete object, kind of activity or a segment of market assumes the solution of a number of organizational and methodical tasks, including substantiation of a purpose, tasks, principles and a mechanism of the monitoring organization and development of analytical and predicted toolkit of its components. Key words: monitoring activity, mechanism of the monitoring organization, analytical.


Research of the energy efficiency of digital broadcasting transmitter with automatic adjustment mode power.

The article covers problems which appear in a process of a design of power amplifiers for digital broadcasting VHF transmitters. The article especially focused on an envelope tracking (ET) method as a method which helps to improve power efficiency of an amplifier. Efficiency of the power amplifier with ET was examined in the article. Advantages of using ET with power amplifiers for digital broadcasting VHF transmitters are shown. Key words: VHF transmitters, envelope tracking (ET), power efficiency.


Internet of things

The new network development concept Internet of Things is considered. The thing definition is given in according with the Y.2060 ITU-T Recommendation. The network growth forecasts are analyzed. The trillion network definition is given. The self-organizing networks examples are considered. The ubiquitous sensor networks clustering and protocols are analyzed. The new investigation tasks for Russian scientific school on the telecommunication networks area are formulated. Key words: Internet of Things, trillion networks, self-organizing networks, ubiquitous sensor networks, clustering.


Attribute of IP packets on the input of the switching nodes in the next generation network.

This article presents the study results of the input process of the transit switching node in a next generation network. Incoming flow for this node is a set of streams that are coming out of the previous switching nodes. Obtained results allow study of real processes of IP-packets service in the next generation network.
Key words: traffic, next generation network, teletraffic system, input floe, output flow.


Ubiquitous sensor networks traffic models for image transmission application

The Ubiquitous Sensor Networks traffic models investigation is one of the important scientific problem on the telecommunication networks area. The paper goal is the traffic flow self-similar characteristics investigation for image transmission applications. The 2D sensor network model and AODV (Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector) protocol are used. The transmission data volume distributions for color and black and white images are defined by statistical way. The self-similar flow character is proved for both cases. The Hurst parameter values are defined for both cases too. The ns-2 and Python languages are used for modeling. The new protocol RPL (Routing Protocol for Low energy and lossy networks) features are considered at the paper last part.
Key words: traffic models, ubiquitous sensor networks, color and black and white images, self-similarity, AODV and RPL protocols.


Operation/business support system of telecommunication company with use tensor methodology of system analysis

The basic aspects of application of tensor methodology for system analysis are considered in the article. This methodology gives simplified description and analysis of the systems. The methodology is used for the modern enterprise Describe Operation Support System/Business Support System of telecommunication company description. The application of software for an evaluation of the previously constructed model is considered as well.
Key words: Tensor methodology, queueing theory, Operation Support System/Business Support System.


Circuit switching as special case of packet switching.

This article describes a generalized approach to switch operation. It is shown that possible delay range in the switch does not depend on switching method used.
Key words: Circuit switching, as a special case of packet switching.

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