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GLONASS: new CDMA signals' uses prospects

In 2010 the orbital constellation of Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS will be completely finished and ready to provide a quality signal practically in all territory of Earth. In the near future the first 3rd generation satellite (series Glonass-K) will start. Besides technical improvements two new CDMA signals are planned on satellite of this series, compatible with signals GPS and Galileo. The basic characteristics of CDMA signals, future perspective are considered in article. Recommendations are made for improvement of their performance data. Key words: satellite navigation, GLONASS, CDMA.


Broadband access technologies: development trends and dynamics

Broadband Access provides users with rich content and variety of network services. The article discovers aspects of emergence and evolvement of the Broadband Access technologies. It provides analysis of short to mid-term development trends and dynamics as well as the development horizon. Key words: network services, development, emergence.


Analysis and modeling of self-similar real-time traffic flows in a multiservice network

The article is dedicated to the problem of analysis and modeling of the self-similar real-time traffic flows using by discrete wavelet transformation methods.
Traditional approach to the traffic flow quality of service estimation in MTN supposes the distribution functions of the service duration times and arrival moment times on the MPLS or ATM packet level are known. But, in practice, during the traffic flow simulation, it is complicated to find these distribution functions with good coincidence of simulated and empirical observed rows.
Alternative real-time traffic simulation method, described in the article is implementation of inverse discrete wavelet-transformation.
The practical interest for analyze of information transmit rate variation time rows concludes in the formulas of average rate variation and unbiased estimation of selective rate variation. Key words: MPLS, ATM, real-time traffic, wavelet-transformation.


Architecture and interfaces of a photonic network

Now the Global telecommunication and information infrastructure is being built upon optical transport networks (OTN). According to the main conception, the physical layer of the OTN doesn’t include any electronic-to-optical or optical-to-electronic transform; totally optical principles based transport telecommunication network can be called photonic network.
The photonic network is planned to be formed by inserting photonic domains to the existing SDH optical networks. In the future photonic domains will move SDH technology to the upper layer between OTN and the access networks — such as ATM, IP, etc.
All the necessary interfaces for access networks will be provided using SDH and NGN technologies, and new open optical interfaces will be designed to interconnect access networks to photonic network. Key words: OTN, SDH, NGN, ATM.


Feedback interference cancellation in mobile communication repeaters

Feedback problems in radio repeaters for mobile telecommunication networks are being discussed. The results of echo cancellation principles applications to the feedback problem research are presented, and recommendations are proposed to optimize its realization. Key words: radio, feedback.


Examining the phenomenon of signal resonance from in a matched filter

The classic thoery of the harmonic resonance in the theory of oscillation for classic linear stationary system is developed only in reference to the ideal resonator. Howerever there are some systems with many degrees of freedom whtich are used in the enginering practice and experimentallly reach to more complex signal differing from harmonic influences. The classic resonsnce theory for such systems is not usable. The more general resonance criterion is supposed in linear stationary systems — namely resonsnce criterion of a signal form. The definition of the signal from from resistance is offered. the investigation results of a signal resistance from on the base of the matched filter with the use of Wolsh’s function are given.
Key words: form resonance, matched filter, impulse characteristic, extremality characteristic, Wolsh’s function, linear stationary systems.


Distance education operation control’s tools

Research and model-based analysis, which provide the means of developing and administration of online learning process, are considered in the article. High degree of complexity of the task of dynamic organization makes simulation modeling practically the only method, which allows on practice to unveil the effectiveness of online learning realization with the help of computer model.
Key words: distance educational process, simulation modeling, database management system, resource-requirements, network traffic, data throughput.


Choosing scale transformation parameters for video monitoring of objects in TV systems

Under scale transformations occur radial and isotropic-radial displacements. and relative changes in time (refreshment or degradation) of spatial structure of a single scalable object and entire intraframe structure of television images. Scale transformations appreciably enrich temporal spectrum of image signal so it can leads in digital spectrum systems with compression to video control quality degradation of spatial components corresponding objects. In the article suggested to match scale transformation functions parameters with multi-dimension eyesight frequency characteristics. This article describes a peculiarity of realization the matching and choice of different types scale functions length. There are also described results of accomplished analysis and calculations. Key words: frequency, transformations, scale, multi-dimension.


Designing a new operator’s development stages' structural model

In the article the results of research and analysis of the development stages of a new telecommunications operator at the local telecommunications services market (a city level) are submitted.
In such a foreshortening it was carried out not so many researches, the most part of the articles that were available to the authors considered either higher levels of hierarchy of the markets — federal and international — or were dedicated to other telecommunications markets (not to the local ones).
On the basis of the work fulfilled with the aim to select, systematize and analyze a set of materials (the results of the telecommunications services market of Tolyatti study; the information of internal character received by authors during the new operator «AИСТ» («STORK») development & grow process; materials and reports of Tolyatti administrative bodies) the special features of the new communications operator stages of development were investigated, complexities (deficiencies) inherent (immanent) to them were revealed, the hierarchy of primary and secondary deficiencies was constructed.
The qualitatively new model of positioning a developing operator in a «pyramid of deficiencies» for the assessment of the conditions and the subsequent estimation of the necessity of transition to the solving of the strategic development problems is presented.
Key words: the company life cycle Stage, structure, strategy, organizational development of the operator, steps or stages of growth, phases of growth, crises, deficiencies), pyramid of deficiencies.


Principles and tasks for an integrated system of controling telecommunication services' lifecycle

Throughout the article, controllable and uncontrollable factors, which have an effect on the lifecycle of telecommunication service, are being considered. Moreover, the fundamental principles of integrated management system of telecommunication service’s lifecycle (IMS LCS) is given there. Basing on the features of the service’s lifecycle, the author offers a general scheme of IMS of LCI. This scheme is focused on three main parameters: technological, commercial and time (marketing). Also a complex of interrelations for the system’s realization is being revealed. Key words: IMS, LCI, integrated management.

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