Items of № 1, 2010

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Key phase of information revolution


The creation of languages, writing and printing were the three past information revolutions. The fourth information revolution undoubtedly is the creation of the telecommunication networks. Five steps of the fourth information revolution include analog networks, IDSN, data networks, Internet and wireless access. After general discussion on the first four steps the more detailed discussion of the IEEE 802.11 standard follows. This is the key step of information revolution. The Internet has become the Unified Automatic Telecommunications Network (UATN), predicted by academician A. A. Kharkevich in 1962.
Key words: Information revolution, Telecommunication networks, Internet, Wireless Access, UATN.


Public-private partnership’s synergy


The article deals with the analysis of opportunities to use PPP in Russia as one of the instruments of strategic investment projects realization in the sphere of telecommunications. The gained foreign and Russian experience of PPP usage in realization of main social projects in the sphere of telecommunications and other noticeable spheres is considered in the article. Special attention is paid to the forms of PPP in modernization and organization financing of material and technical basis in the sphere of telecommunications, organization of production of telecommunication means in Russia in terms of Russian reality – chronical budget deficit and high financial risks in this sphere for internal investors.
Special attention is paid to the PPP mechanism functioning and possible forms of passing the state property to the private hands using PPP for its further social usage, which was repeatedly declared by the President and the Priminister.
The author thinks that the PPP mechanism could be the very bridge between the State end private capital and help to solve the problems in the sphere of telecommunications.
In conclusion, the author gives practical advice how to operate the PPP mechanism in the home market of telecommunications.


Metrics based OSS system status overall assessment


This article is devoted to the problem of design OSS system status common estimation on the metrics base. The estimation is formed on the base of ITILs metrics. For every metrics with a help of experts is made an estimation in the form of the mark. This mark shows how closing the IT-service quality to the service focus mark. Additionally, there is a marks for estimate of experts assent opinion forming with a modificated hierarchy method analysis. Finally, to find a OSS system status common estimation this metrics are coupled with a matrix and common estimation are design as a part of base project, where the base is conform to a maximum mark. A practical example is designed.
Key words: OSS, metrics, ITIL, IT-service.


Analyzing the method of measuring microwave circuits accuracy improvement using 12-pole reflectometer



Some words about reception of terrestrial digital TV broadcasts


Contains the analysis of reasons that could lead to reduction of coverage areas of digital TV transmitters compared to analogue broadcasting. It is shown the possibility of coverage areas increasing when using receivers with appropriate technical characteristics. It is considered alternative variants of terrestrial networks planning depending on specific conditions.


Issues of terrestrial digital television broadcasting in VHF Band I – II



Studying capabilities of VHF I-II transmitters to be used for terrestrial digital TV broadcasting



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